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Pregnancy Voyage is more of a communal meeting space than a blog. My goal is to use my expertise to cover the topics that are most important to you. So let’s be in constant conversation as we work to understand our bodies and ease our minds.

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Surviving a Pregnancy that is Right after the First

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Yes, you heard that right, and maybe you are undergoing this thing which is amazing and yet one of the most difficult experiences of your lifetime. The chances of getting pregnant just after childbirth are negligible, but you can positively get pregnant as soon as your period returns. Infant even a month before it. Because you ovulate first and then have your period in case of no fertilization.

In my case, I got my period 5 months post my c-section and got pregnant post 8 months. It came as a surprise and it scared me at the same time. However, I decided to continue the pregnancy after the doctor was also okay with it. I secretly wanted a second baby as soon as possible because I always wanted two children closely spaced to each other. And yes, I wanted to go over the first difficult 2 years in almost one go. 😄

The First Signs

Around the 4th week post my last period, I suddenly started experiencing discomfort and pain while breastfeeding my 7 month old. I was really scared every time I had to feed him. I could not wean him off immediately.

Apart from this, I was thirsty all the time and went to the loo almost 20 times in a day. This along with breast tenderness made me really go for a home pregnancy test. The first was invalid so I tried the next day and there was it. The second line, faint but clearly there. I shared the pics in my facebook pregnancy groups and everyone was congratulating me.

In the coming week fatigue followed. I went to my Ob-gyn and they confirmed the pregnancy through blood test. Wrote me some routine tests and called me in the 7th week for heartbeat viability.

And with the start of 7th week, I had all my symptoms which I experienced in with my first pregnancy. Nausea, fatigue. Urination frequency decreased though.

Pregnant with a Toddler to look after.

Pregnant with a toddler.
My first born

I had started to gain my energy back after c-section post 3 months and was going well with baby care. But now, at 8 months post surgery, I was back to struggling with housework and taking care of my baby. I was breastfeeding also and this made everything more difficult. I asked my doctor about weaning and she said I could do in gradually in 2 to 3 months. So I concentrated more on giving him a variety of solid foods and introduced a bottle of formula each day.

Pregnancy fatigue along with baby care.

With the low energy, breastfeeding, house work, baby care, puking after every meal, I just wanted to sleep. I did not miss any opportunity to just doze off by my sleeping baby and literally slept almost all day when my parents were there to take care of him. The common advice that, " sleep when the baby sleeps" was followed by me in obligations at this period. 😁

During the waking hours I used to let him make me a play gym while I was fighting my urge to doze off, and just jump on me, slap me, pull my hair and yes don't even ask about his drooling and spitting. Whole day went by grabbing him when he tried to crawl at the edge of the bed. And distracting him with toys.

Diet and Pre-natals

Due to nausea I could not make major changes in my diet but I made sure that I took folic acid and calcium supplement daily.

Separation Anxiety in babies

This clearly made me want to scream and cry sometimes. I had to carry my son wherever I went. To the kitchen, loo, to water my plants, to do the laundry. So pre-planned his diet in the mornings when he slept. Sterilizing bottles and slippers, boiling water and storing in a thermos, keeping washed fruits and boiled veggies ready in bowls and freezing them. I could not hire help due to the pandemic situation and my parents could visit occasionally.

Days passed, things got better and now I have entered the second trimester. It has been only 3 days since I puked last and I am awake in the morning not dozing off and craving too much sleep.

Continuation of post.

Second Trimester

1. Aches and pains. Oh My God!

My hip is literally jammed at times. Because of carrying my baby all around in addition to the flow of relaxin hormone in my body. Some times it is so hard to even get up from bed and walk. I avoid picking him up and roaming around now. And have started a protein supplement as well.

2. Palpitations

Sometimes I am catching for breath and my heart rate seems irregular. I try to relax at that time.

3. Heartburn

As nausea has decreased and appetite has shoot up, I find heart burn very common now a days.

4. Weight gain

Entering the third trimester

Second trimester gave a relief from the nausea and as did the third. But insomnia kicked in big time! And so did a lot of back aches and discomfort, however that specific shooting pain in the hip had gone.

My baby is still breech and maybe will stay that way only. Anyhow I would be undergoing planned c-section due to the less gap in both pregnancies.

My toddler has started sleeping through the night without taking feeds. However still wakes up for comfort every 2 to 3 hours. The best thing is that he cuddles back to sleep instead of rocking. Which is always difficult with this big belly. Currently running in my 34th week.

Fast Forward to the birth of my second baby

Gave birth to my baby girl at 37 weeks via c section. And after this life has been a different journey altogether. Would be sharing about it soon in the next blog

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