Snowball Effect in thinking

Have you noticed the snowball effect in your thinking patterns? Let me explain with an example.

Just like a snowball gets bigger and bigger while rolling from a mountain, gathering more and more snow from the surface, our thoughts when starting in one direction start piling up with similar thoughts.

If I sit to think about one bad incident/ quality of one person, after a few minutes I will realize that I am thinking about even more negative incidents related to the person, or maybe will go into a more negative state, maybe remember more people who might have similarly hurt me.

And in reality, even If I am doing good, one negative thought will teleport me to a negative, hurtful and angry state. What is your take on this?

My take would be to:

  1. Be more aware of my thoughts, and take control of them at the beginning of the snowball.

  2. Create a positive snowball often. Yes, that is also possible. Whenever my mind is ideal, I will try to think about one positive thought that made me happy in the past and take that snowball ahead from there. smiley

3. Increase mindfulness in my daily life. Try to live more, at the moment.

4. Handle negative thoughts, via journaling and giving them a healthy outlet. Taking control, or seeking help.

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