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Pregnancy Voyage is more of a communal meeting space than a blog. My goal is to use my expertise to cover the topics that are most important to you. So let’s be in constant conversation as we work to understand our bodies and ease our minds.

Healthy Eating
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Second Trimester Symptoms

Second Trimester Symptoms

1. For some it's morning sickness continued since the first trimester, at least till the 4th month of your pregnancy, however if it continues beyond that it can lead to birth complications like pre-term labor and underweight babies. Hence, it is advised to consult the doctor if this happens. 2. Back pain. Due to increasing weight, growing tummy and breasts size, it is obvious that your back will have to take some pressure. Apart from this your uterus also expands through out pregnancy to make space for your little one, hence back pains are a common problem in the second trimester. But keep in mind that if this is accompanied by any kind of heavy discharge or even a little bleeding along with cramps in tummy, reach out to your doctor. 3. Heartburn.

Diet during pregnancy
Avoid fried and processed food as much as possible.

As morning sickness slowly fades away and you are able to eat, a different problem takes it's toll. You face heartburn and acidity. Hence, it is advised to take smaller meals and avoid napping after meals. Also, if you want to take any antacid, always ask your doctor about that. Get a free sample diet chart, just email me here -

4. General discomfort. Due to starting of movements of the baby in 5th month, and sudden increase in weight, you might experience general discomfort. Also lying down on your stomach is not advised here onward. Nor is lying on the back as the uterus exerts pressure on the blood vessels. Lying to the left side is most advised. 5. Bloating, Indigestion and flatulence. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you eat, you always end up being bloated and the food seems to be just stuck in the gut. You can try having small meals which are easy to digest like low fat dairy, rice flakes, fruits that you like, small amount of sprouts, nuts and fresh veggies like carrots, radish and cucumber. Also make sure that you walk for 10 minutes each before and after every major meal. 6. Dizziness. You might feel that you are getting your lost energy back since the end of the first trimester, but on getting up from bed or usually you might feel dizzy all of a sudden. So make sure you get up slowly while holding on to something. 7. Gum problems. You might experience swollen gums and other problems like gingivitis. Brush your teeth twice a day and use a good mouth wash post brushing. Get your teeth checked by a dentist as well. 8. Vivid Dreams and Nightmares. You might experience trouble sleeping and experience disturbed sleep due to hot flashes and other reasons like hormonal changes and stress. You might also experience weird dreams which might seems disturbing. Try to relax before you sleep and make sure you don't take a nap just after eating. Essential oils like peppermint oil might help you sleep better. 9. Braxton Hicks Contractions. There might be some mild tightening in the abdomen which come and go and may even feel like menstrual cramps. They don't get stronger with time and aren't usually painful. These contractions might feel scary or uncomfortable, but they don't lead to labor or dilate the cervix. This usually happens in the third trimester but some women experience it as early as the second trimester. However you might want to look out for any unusual fluid discharge all of a sudden which is watery in nature or spotting or bleeding. If such thing happens call your doctor at the earliest. 10. Congestion and Nose bleeds. Due to hormonal changes in the second trimester, the mucus lining of your body tends to swell up which may lead to a congested nose and snoring at night. Some women might experience occasional nose bleeds as well. At the time of nose bleed, keep you head straight (no need of tilting back) and apply gentle pressure on the nostril. Don't use any medication or decongestant without consulting your doctor.

As always I would always advise every pregnant woman to follow proper medical advise from a obs/gyn even if it seems like a normal pregnancy symptom. Because every pregnancy is different and unique. And it can be made a beautiful and healthy experience when you take care of yourself and the baby and stay in touch with a medical professional for all kinds of problems. Stay blessed!

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