Raising Smarter Kids

Children need room in their clothes as well as their environment to grow beautifully. Expose them to nature and outdoors more often and have open communication with them as often as you can.

1. Instead of giving them a musical phone, sing rhymes with them.

2. Let them dissect their toys sometimes. That their own way of understanding things. ( Not at all implying that they should be encouraged to break them aggressively by throwing or hitting. )

3. Limit screen time to 1 hour for 2-12 year old kids and no screen time for below 2 year old kids.

4. Pave a way for their success, support them in their endeavors but don't pressurize them if they want to change their course. They tend to make mistakes as they are human too.

5. Try to maintain a warm and loving atmosphere at home. Don't try to influence them, if you have personal biases against anything. Give them freedom to choose, and have an opinion of their own on certain things.

These are only some of the many ways by which you can encourage healthy development of their minds.

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