First Trimester Symptoms

Morning Sickness

First trimester symptoms, pregnancy symptoms week by week
One of the symptoms that lasted in both of my pregnancies till the 5th month.

Not restricted just to mornings though. Makes you feel sick and dehydrated. It's important to make up for this fluid loss by taking small frequent meals and fluids at regular intervals. Some mothers end up with a severe kind of morning sickness called Hypermesis Gravidarium which requires hospitalization.



Your body is doing a lot of work at this time, prepreparing itself to make a baby in the coming nine months. So all the body and hormonal changes tire you down and it's important to take lots of rest and a good balanced diet to make up for this over work.

Restlessness and anxiety


I found this thing the scariest personally. Sometimes just lying down, I felt the whole blood of my body leaving it's upper part and being concentrated in the middle. I felt like I would faint or just stay restless. It was so overwhelming at times that I ended up crying at times and it made me feel better. My doctor said having dry snacks might help a bit. They didn't but this thing faded away with time. Not completely though.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks


Since the uterus increases in size to accommodate the growing baby, it exerts pressure on your bladder and that in turn increases the urge to urinate frequently. However, this doesn't mean that you have to decrease your fluid intake.

Vivid Dreams, Nightmares


The surge in hormones, the anxiety of changing sleeping and eating patterns, nervousness about the changes that your body goes through makes you more receptive to have nightmares and vivid dreams. You can keep a dream journal to keep a track of your dreams and thoughts and it may also act as an outlet to stress caused by the dream.

It's not easy, but it's worth it These are some difficulties that I faced in the first trimester. You need to stay in touch with your doctor for all the problems like morning sickness, back aches and other symptoms that you experience. It might be really difficult for some people than others but always remember that you can endure anything if you have to power to create a new life inside your body. Stay blessed!

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