Life is just about about the breath that is circulating through your respiratory system and it is falling short one breath at a time.

We forget to love ourselves, we forget to be grateful for this life, the beauty of nature and the power of love.

We are so encompassed into the intricacies of this world that we lose it's very essence. We lose the essence of this life, we lose ourselves only to realize it's importance when the end seems near or is really near.

We need to wake up, we are so busy, but we are still asleep.


Remember your childhood memories. Remember your mother's face. Remember your father's smile. Remember your nani's hug. Remember your school friends. Remember the teacher who was trolled the most.


Go to your best memory. Remember the day when you looked your best. Remember what you are good at. Remember your lost purposes. Remember you are a whole being.

Work hard but take out time for that inner child in you, who us struggling to make an identity in this huge world. Breathe. Listen to this sound and just breathe. :)

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