Are you living mindlessly?

How many times do we find ourselves mindlessly scrolling, eating, talking, or even working!

We all have our goals in life. But do we have a strategy planned out, for eg. how much time do we need to devote to our goals to reach them at our decided timeline?

It is normal and it's okay to get off track in the busy schedule of this fast-paced world. That is where mindful living comes to our rescue.

Some ways to live mindfully

1. Wake up with a purpose. However, don't rush into things at once. Wake up slowly and check-in with yourself. Listen to your body. Do you have any aches, discomfort, etc? Then go about, setting an intention for the day. Choose any calming activity along with it which helps you wake up. For example, drinking a glass of water.

2. Establish an anchor for getting yourself on track for practicing mindfulness. For example, carry a trinket or any charm which reminds you to be more mindful. Whenever you find yourself aimlessly scrolling or any activity that drains you, try to focus on your surroundings, look at your hands, and try to be more aware of things going around you.

3. De-noise. Keep some quiet time in your daily schedule. Also, try to practice meditation daily.

4. Chores. While doing any work try to focus on that only. That is a kind of meditation in itself.

5. Assign a different and specific time for worry and speculation. So that you don't spend most of the day worrying or thinking without a direction.

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